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With the aim of making the very popular pickles of Godavari district available to all the states of our country, Picklemart company is going to set up stores under the name “PICKLE MART” in all areas. This picklemart has more than 100 types of homemade non-veg pickles, veg pickles, pastries, karam podulu etc. which are famous in Andhra. Especially this Pickle Mart store has Bhimavaram non-veg pickles which are very famous in Andhra. 

 In the preparation of these pickles, without adding any preservatives, without using any machinery, the pickles are made in our homes in the traditional Andhra methods, in a hygienic environment, in a handmade process. These pickles are stored only in ceramic jars and sold fresh from the jars to the customers from time to time. Also, pickles are prepared using quality oils and other spices using Guntur pepper from Andhra, which is famous in our country. They have been following the same taste and quality standards for many years.


Currently this company offers PICKLE MART franchises in all states, all district centers, towns, rural areas, and all other areas of India. Those who are interested can use this franchise opportunity and earn good income. Entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, women, and retired employees can use this opportunity. Even those who have no business experience can run this business alone, no workers or other staff are required.

2,60,000/- rupees have to be paid to the company to set up this Pickle Mart franchise. This franchise fee is Rs. 2,60,000 including brand fee and marketing fee. Also, with this amount, all the necessary equipment for the store will be provided, i.e. LED name board, lollipop board, weighing machine, billing machine, packing machine, packing material, interior display Glitter boards, product stickers, Leaflets etc. 


After you take a pickle mart franchise, you don’t have to pay any royalty to the company. The franchise agreement is for a period of 3 years. When it comes to profit margin, there is a profit margin of 15 to 25% on the sales made in the outlet.

For you to set up this pickle mart franchise, minimum 150sq. fts commercial shop has to be taken on rent. You have to make picklemart brand theme for interior decoration in that shop. The company will guide you in this interior design.

Also, the company supplies Pickle Mart’s pickles and other food items to your outlet from time to time.

Company teams like sales development team, marketing team, digital marketing team, quality control team, business development representative, etc. always visit the picklemart outlets and take steps to increase the outlet sales.

Also gives you complete training on picklemart store operations. Provides online promotion support to your franchisee. The company always gives all kinds of advice and suggestions that you need to do business.

Unit Franchise

Pickle Mart is Offline store of andhra Foods & Pickles, serving customers with mouth watering pickles since 15 years. All our Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian Pickles are 100% homemade with best quality ingredients.

The minimum size of the shop should be 150 sq.ft. However, the ideal space would be of 200 sq.ft or more.

The unit franchise fee is Rs. 2,60,000. It includes the brand fee, marketing fee and the cost of all equipment such as name board, Lolipop board, Weighing machine, billing machine, Packing machine, Packing Material, Vinyal boards for interior display, Leaflets, Product stickers etc. 

The franchise fee is not refundable.

The franchisee (investor) is responsible for the interior work, painting, and furniture etc. (The approximate cost can be anywhere between Rs. 40,000/- to Rs.60,000/-). Shop security deposit (if it is a rented shop) will also be extra.

The franchise agreement is valid for 5 years. At the end of the 5th year, you can renew the agreement by paying 10% of the franchise fee.

The Brand will supply all the pickles and food products.

Yes There specified distance depends upon area locality and volume of business. We will not open a store at a location, because of which your business will be affected.

The investor has to pay at least 30% of the Franchise Fee as confirmation. A Letter Of Intent (LOI) will be signed against this amount and a payment confirmation will be given to the investor. The balance amount should be paid within 15 days after signing the LOI. The agreement will be signed at the time of full and final payment. The brand will supply all the items including the startup kit within 10 days after receiving the full and final payment. The franchisee has to inform the brand regarding the opening of the outlet at least 10 days before.

No. It is strictly not allowed. The franchisee has to sell all the items of Pickle Mart only.

Pickle Mart

Pickle Mart is a store selling famous homemade non-veg pickles, veg pickles, pastries, karam podies in Andhra Pradesh. Especially this Pickle Mart store has Bhimavaram non-veg pickles which are very famous in Andhra.